We strive to provide world class mining and delivering quality technical solutions to the global mining sector. We can help, design and build your operations and make them more sustainable using proven and innovative approaches.

Group companies often manage, operate and keep developing new skills to conduct mining, processing, haulage and load out operations of commodities.

Contract mining is becoming increasingly prevalent as mining and resources companies look to enhance productivity and improve efficiency. It involves the mine owners engaging the services of a specialist mining contractor to undertake mining of its resources and any mine related activities.

We can offer clients a comprehensive range of mine operating services including:

  • Contract mining
  • Feasibility studies, concept planning and cost studies
  • Equipment selection
  • Beneficiation and processing of ore
  • Infrastructure development and operations’
  • Site rehabilitation and environmental management

With the right team on the job, clients can be sure that technical and administrative issues on the project are quickly addressed. With a “can do’’philosophy and an experience work force, our teams address potential challenges with solutions, no finger-pointing and delays