About Real Towers Group

Real Towers was established in 2005 with the vision to become a global player in the sector, signing under prestigious projects for tomorrow’s world of business, harmonizing, innovative and progressive technology with the experience, excellence and high calibre work.

We help our clients with innovative, reliable and cost-efficient environmental, construction, project management, mining and geotechnical solutions.

We act with strong integrity and with care of the environmental impact of our advice. We appreciate and respect the values of multi-faceted backgrounds, experience and personalities both among our staff and in relationship with our clients.

We are proud to be an employee-owned company and we have created a unique culture with pride in ownership, resulting in enduring relationships and long term organisational stability.

Real Towers Professionals take time to build an understanding of our client’s needs and of the specific environments in which they operate in order to provide technically sound and cost efficient solutions.

This enables us to help our clients to achieve their short term and long term financial, social and environmental goals.